Be A Reseller and start making money with your website

Do you want to be your own boss? Are you a graduate looking for a job? You can start making money now from reselling sms units. What do you get as a reseller? You get a fully customized website registered with your name (www.yourcompanyname.com). You have full control over your customers, approve their orders accept orders from them too. You charge what ever you want to charge them.

No programming or web design experience is needed. We just do work for you and you manage it on your own. One good thing about this is that it is very easy to manage. The website will be designed in a way that it is very user friendly.

What your customers/members will Benefit

  • Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
  • Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient group from phone book or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
  • Numbers uses this format of +2348080000000 or 2348080000000 or 08080000000.
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery with date picker.
  • Show member SMS units left and SMS Units used
  • Separating multiple numbers and uploaded numbers with comma, colon, and semicolon or put each number on the same line.
  • Search and copy sent sms messages with page numbers and page size
  • Setting the default sender ID
  • Members can transfer SMS units to another member in the same network

What you get as an Administrator

  • Send sms to all members
  • Allocate the no of free SMS units for new member’s e.g. new members get 3 free sms
  • Notify member by sms and email when credit is below your specified level
  • View, edit and delete any member account
  • Create/edit Welcome Email
  • Export all phone numbers of all members in one click
  • Registration cannot be repeated for registered phone number/email address
  • Send sms Alerts to subscribers.

How to get your own Reseller Account

To request for a  reseller account, just go to our "Contact Us" page and make a request. Let the topic be  "Request for a reseller account". Don't miss this opportunity.